Rats or Rodent Treatment

They carry many deadly disease like plague , Murine typhus, Leptospirosis,rat bite fever, Rickettsial pox , Typhoid etc.Tar's and Mice make themselves comfortable in human surrounding, finding food and shelter in our home .Rats can cause fire and computer cable .They contaminate the food items and cause millions rupees of damage.

House Mouse

Brown to gray in colour it prefers the ground level and can make nests in sofas ,up holster , old files insulation etc

Roof Rats

It prefers higher areas such as false ceilings and rafters .Where it makes nests very caution by nature

Indian Bandicoot

It is found near Garbage bins refuse collection areas.It lives in burrows often excavated in footpath files and concrete .

Rodent Proofing service:

Total rodent management solution package especially for housing societies. Cover rats , Mice and Bandicoot Rodent live at Man' s expanse , Invade his home ,eat his food and damage his commodities. They urine dropping and hair are also vectores of many diseases .We are using low dose rate bait roban outdoor areas , use of trouble Gum rodent glue trap with bait station.

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