They are easily the most common pests, Cockroaches pass on many diseases , Cockroaches are one of the biggest causes of child like asthma. Type of Cockroaches generally in home are...

German Cockroaches

Mostly found indoors in kitchen, photo frames , cracks and crevices ,they grow to large numbers in a short spans of time .The German cockroach is the most common cockroach species found worldwide. While German cockroach infestations occur in a variety of human occupied spaces, they are most often associated with restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, nursing homes and other institutional facilities.

American Cockroaches

Lives in sewer and manholes ,they enter homes through 'naali ' traps open doors etc. American cockroach is reddish brown with a pale brown or yellow band around the edge of the pronotum. The males are longer than the females because their wings extend 4 to 8 mm beyond the tip of the abdomen.American Cockroaches are very dangerous when they invade your home and they carry a lots of bacteria and parasites on their bodies and in their faces which can cause dysentery, fever, diarrhea and other serious health concerns.

Brown- Banded Cockroaches

Found in home , it tooks very much like a German Cockroach.Brown banded cockroaches are a dangerous species of pest to have invading your home. They carry and spread a variety of dangerous diseases and bacteria that can make people quite ill. Brown banded cockroaches can cause gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

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